Unit G: Location:Section tutorials, Monday 16th Nov, 10am, unit space


2018-11-15 12.00.55

Piscine Mares, Leca da Palmeira, Alvaro Siza, 1961

Unit G Tutorial 12_LocationSection_261118

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well, have now fully recovered from the field trip(!!!), and have made good progress over the weekend developing your Location:Section drawings of your chosen Lisbon site.

Tomorrow Justin and I will be in for Corner:Shop and Location:Section Design and Technology Tutorials, and a lunchtime talk at 1pm looking at Portfolios, ahead of Thursdays first look at your in-progress portfolios and the Portfolio Cross-Crits in a couple of weeks time.

Justin will see all of the 3rd yrs for an in-depth 30min individual Technology Tutorial, discussing your Corner:Shop projects, focusing on structural models and 1:20-3d details. But there will also be a 1hr group tutorial for all 2nd yrs at 2pm after the lunchtime talk. So it would be helpful for Justin, if everyone could bring in all the drawings/models you presented at the Corner:Shop Review to help the discussions (+any new developments)

And at the same time I will be seeing everyone for a 1hr “small group tutorial-on-the-wall” looking at your in-progress Location:Section drawings (pinned up in the unit space) and (around a table) all your site research material, (selected) photos, survey notes, site sketches, movies/sound recordings, and graphic technique explorations.

So it would be helpful if people could help re-arrange the furniture in the unit space so we can use one of the side walls in the unit space to pin-up and an adjacent table to look at all your supporting work.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (+Mike and Justin)
Unit G


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