Unit G: Portfolio Tutorials, Thursday 29th Nov, 10am Unit Space


Nat Chard, Drawing Instrument 8, 2014

Unit G Tutorial 13_Portfolio_291118

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and your first draft portfolios are starting to come together.

As discussed on Monday, Mike and I will be seeing half the unit each for full-length individual Portfolio tutorials, with Yr2 in the morning and Yr3 in the afternoon, starting at 10am in the unit space. Please see the attached tutorial list also posted on the unit g blog.

And at lunchtime we will very briefly look at some beautiful drawings: plans, sections and 3d projections, and discuss what makes them successful – which might give you some clues for your final Corner:Shop drawings…

Yr2 please also remember you have a technology workshop with Eiman in the White Space on the 3rd floor, between 2-4pm, and you will need to take drawing equipment and a scale ruler…

For the tutorials, Mike and I will need two tables in the unit space so we have space to see all your work, and we would be grateful if you could all help adjust the furniture to make that possible (it will be tight!). But this will mean everyone working in the unit space will also be able to see each others in-progress portfolios and projects – which should be helpful.

As discussed to prepare for tomorrow the key thing is to bring in EVERYTHING including models, for all three projects: Home:Comfort, Corner:Shop and Location:Section. AND to at least give an order to each project in the portfolio.

Showing work on the big screen will be fine, but obviously we will only be able to see one at a time…Showing sheets at A3 in B+W is also fine – there is no need to print everything full size in colour and spend a fortune…Showing scrappy incomplete sheets with sketches clipped to them and post-it notes also fine; but please don’t show us images on your phone or camera, or raw inDesign sheets on your laptop – print them.

Part of tomorrows purpose is for you to gather ALL your work in one place; and to give the work a coherent order and narrative; and this will allow you to identify the gaps in your information – so you can start to plug them. But by looking through the work we will also have a chance to see and discuss your latest work on the Corner:Shop including final iterations, in-progress drawings, structural models and 1:20 3d details; to briefly see how the Location:Section is progressing; and hopefully see the finished Home:Comfort project(!)

We will also talk about how to prioritize the (many) tasks and best use the time in the run up to the Cross-Crits. But the first conversation with each of you will be about which format of portfolio you have decided to pursue: web-based, digital/physical hybrid, printed or hand-crafted, and the size and orientation of your information.

So it will be a busy day, and apologies in advance we run a bit late, but we are really looking forward to seeing how your work is coming together.

Kind Regards

Toby (+Mike and Justin)
Unit G


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