Unit G: Design and Technology Tutorials, Monday 3rd Dec, 10am Unit Space


Unit G Tutorial 14_Portfolio_031218

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well, and making good progress.

Tomorrow Justin and I will be holding speedy individual design and technology tutorials of approximately 15mins with each of you, starting at 10am in the unit space, and as we fully expect tutorials to over-run, there will be no lunchtime discussion tomorrow; please see the attached tutorial list, also posted on the unit g blog.

For the Technology tutorials, Justin would like to discuss the Corner:Shop project with a structures bias for the 2nd yrs, and focused on the development of 1:20 3d details with 3rd yrs.

And for the Design tutorials I would like to discuss the drawings, models and final iterations of the Corner:Shop, while also touching base on the progress of your portfolios and Location:Section drawings.

But as usual regardless of the focus of the tutorial, please make sure you bring EVERYTHING in for both of your tutorials, as I am as keen as Justin to see 3d details and structural models, and he will be as keen as I am to see your final sections and plans…

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, for another busy day!

Kind Regards

Toby (+Mike and Justin)
Unit G


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