Unit G: Portfolio Tutorials, Thursday 6th Dec, 10am Unit Space


Lower Manhattan Expressway, Paul Rudolf, 1967

Unit G Tutorial 15_Portfolio_061218

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well, and your portfolios are really starting to come together.

Tomorrow Mike and I will see half the unit each for the last time this semester, with Mike concentrating on Yr2 while I focus on Yr3. So each of you should have a good 30min individual tutorial, in preparation for next weeks Cross-Crits with the tutor who will be in your review, starting at 10am in the Unit Space; please see the attached tutorial list.

As Jane’s email confirmed, our visiting critics next week will be Maija Viksne, Leader of Unit H joining Mike for the 2nd years, and Jack Morton-Gransmore, Unit Tutor for Unit F joining Justin and myself for the 3rd yrs. And at lunchtime we will have a very brief catch-up to discuss the arrangements, timing, feedback and format for next week, to make sure that everyone knows what is going on!

And so that you can start to mentally prepare for the crits, I have also attached the Review lists to this email and posted them on the blog, so you know roughly when in the day your presentation will be: although you should of course be in the review all day…and this will also avoid a delay if the sequence needs to change.

Since tomorrows tutorials are the last before the Cross-Crit we are keen to have an overview of your whole portfolio, before looking more closely at the latest work to bring the Corner:Shop project to a conclusion for both Technology and Design: so please make sure you bring EVERYTHING with you!

And let me apologise in advance if the tutorials run late….

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (+Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G Yr2 Portfolio Cross-Crit_101218

Unit G Yr3 Portfolio Cross-Crit_131218


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