Unit G: Portfolio Cross-Crits, Monday 10th and Thursday 13th Dec, 10am, Unit Space


Unit G Yr2 Portfolio Cross-Crit_101218

Unit G Yr3 Portfolio Cross-Crit_131218

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well, and making good progress to complete your Corner:Shop projects and put your portfolios together.

Of course tomorrow are the Yr2 Portfolio Cross-Crits with Maija Viksne from Unit H joining Mike to review your work, starting at 10am in the unit space. And then on Thursday (13th Dec) it will be the turn of Yr3 with Jack Morton-Gransmore from Unit F joining Justin and myself; please see the attached Review Lists.

And then on Thursday evening we will be heading to “The Majliss” on Cowley Road for a Christmas Crit Curry (well done for getting on organizing this!), as well as a brief introduction of the main “High:Street” project, and issuing the project brief: so you can start thinking, working and researching over the Christmas break, ready to show your initial ideas and thoughts at the beginning of Semester 2; so please make sure that you you don’t miss the introduction…

From the work that Mike and I saw on Thursday, the obvious general comments are:

  • Make sure there are PEOPLE inhabiting your proposals
  • Show your projects in context with site and context on every drawing as well as site sections, site plans, together with plenty of supporting images of the site…
  • Use perspectives, model photos, photo-montage etc. to put your projects back into Vauxhall
  • Explore the spatial experience of your proposals through sketches, perspectives, 3d-drawings, models, collage, photographs…
  • Incorporate your process work into your portfolio sheets, and the sketches/ drawings/ images which don’t make “the final cut”: gather them together with a cover and bulldog clips and have them on the table to support your portfolio, even if you don’t actually refer to them in your presentation.
  • Where you haven’t finished something don’t worry, include it as it is, so you can at least get some feedback
  • And if there is work you haven’t yet started, a sketch of what you plan to do will allow you to discuss it and get some advice

For the Yr3 tech reviews embedded within Thursdays portfolio cross-crits, be clear about what you want to draw your critics’ attention to as well as the more obvious 1:20 technology drawings, materials explorations and structures modelling and testing…

To make each day goes smoothly next week, everyone needs to work together to tidy and prepare the unit space so your work looks as good as possible. We would like to have tables along the two end walls for ALL your models; a pair of tables pushed-together in the middle of the space to present your portfolios, sketchbooks etc; any large drawings and images that don’t fit in the portfolio pinned-up on the end walls (above your models); a sensible number of chairs in the space(!); and easy access to the screen; everything else should be removed!

Getting the space ready should start tonight and on Wednesday before the crits, and everything must be ready to go first thing on each crit day, it is essential we don’t lose time waiting for the first people to arrive and pin up…

As discussed the review is a table-top discussion around your portfolio (not focused on the wall), although we are expecting many of you to make use of the big screen to present your work. If you are using the screen make sure everything you need is loaded onto the screen at the beginning of the day, and that you have checked it all works, and is minimized, ready to run when it is your turn to present. And if this is all ready, it should be easy to upload a pdf of your portfolio to Moodle by 10am on the day of your crit…don’t forget!

Each of you will have 10mins to present your work, followed by 20mins discussion, so please think carefully and practice what you are going to say, and remember we will be turning the pages so that we can focus on the most important/interesting work and don’t spend hours talking about the first few sheets…

Remember we are expecting all the students from each year to be in the crit all day to support each other, take notes, contribute to the discussion, help us keep to time, and to learn as much as you can from each other; and Yr2 you will want to have a look at other units with a view to next year, and Yr3 be polite and come and support our Yr2s…

But please don’t worry about the Cross-Crits, they are not a punishment, or chance to tell you off, their whole purpose is for you to have a fresh voice discussing your work and to give you detailed feedback, so that you can improve it. It is therefore essential you SLEEP, especially on the night before your crit so you are coherent and can make the most of the discussion…this is more important than spending another hour on the portfolio.

So good luck next week, and getting the last few things completed before the crits. Have confidence in your work and ideas, and we look forward to the chance to see it all at it’s best!

Kind Regards

Toby (+Mike and Justin)
Unit G


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