Unit G: Location:Section and High:Street First Pin-up, Tuesday 29th Jan, 10am Unit Space

unit g tutorial 16_highstreet_290119

Dear Unit G,

I hope you are all well, and are looking forward to our first unit G session of semester 2 tomorrow.
We will be starting at 10am in the unit space as usual, with a brief pin-up and whole unit discussion of your Location:Section drawings cut through your chosen Marvila site and the initial research and thinking for the High:Street, as noted in the brief:
  • Identify, research and investigate a specific community of Participants and consider their needs, traditions, aspirations and Home:Comfort equivalents to propose what the High:Street will provide for the community: the “Home”and how it engages with the wider public: the “Exchange”
  • Drawing from your Home:Comfort, Corner:Shop, and Location:Section projects develop the proposed purpose for the High:Street and link your ideas to your conceptual reading of the Marvila site
  • Visit, survey, document and research relevant organisational precedents for your High:Street primary activities (schools, theatres, workshops etc.)
  • Investigate the qualities, resources, opportunities, constraints and associations with the Marvila site through highly tuned site drawings, models, images and diagrams: Location:Section+
You should be aiming to talk through your work and ideas in no more than 5mins each, and as we mentioned at the Christmas supper, we would like YOU to be the critics tomorrow, and lead the conversations; so you need to plan to be in all day regardless of when your slot is.
And at lunchtime, we will have a brief conversation about the structure, activities and timing of Semester 2, so you can start to plan your work and thinking.
We are really looking forward to catching up with you all tomorrow, and to finally start talking about Lisbon and Marvila, and seeing all of your thinking and work so far.
See you in the morning.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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