Unit G: High:Street Tutorials, Monday 4th February, 10am, Unit Space

Unit G Tutorial 18_HighStreet_040219

Dear Unit G,

I hope you are all well.
Tomorrow we will have small group tutorials on your High:Street projects for around an hour per group, starting at 10am in the unit space.  I will be seeing 3rd yrs in the morning and 2nd yrs in the afternoon so each year can attend their “Focus Group” meetings in the White Space on the 3rd floor: Yr2 at 11:45am and Yr3 at 3:30pm; please see the attached tutorial list, also posted on the unit g blog.
And at lunchtime we will have a discussion about Organisational Strategies and the “Parti”, as well as a chance to discuss your preparations for our Portugal Evening on Thursday.
As discussed last week, it is important everyone gets moving on the High:Street project as quickly as possible, and that means taking the first critical project decisions swiftly, so you are clear about:
  • Your chosen Marvila community, and have started to find out as much as you can about them (who they are, where from, when, how many, what they are like, what they do….)
  • Defined the proposed activity/program (cultural exchange), and at least identified (if not already visited) an equivalent organisation you can document and research to develop your project brief, and hopefully have a go at your proposed activity yourself…
  • The history, development, geology, qualities, connections…. of your site in Marvila
And from this work, it should be a short step to drawing up the first draft of your Spatial Brief.
You should also be aiming to have a usable Location:Section drawing and to get started on a 1:200 site model pretty soon, as you will probably want to use them this week.
So it looks like another busy day(!) , and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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