Unit G: High:Street Tutorials, Thursday 7th Feb, 10am, Unit Space


Salt Making, Spatial Brief, Arnaud Comte, Unit G

Unit G Tutorial 19_HighStreet_070219

Dear Unit G,

I hope you are all well, and making good progress with your High:Street research; sorry once again for such a late posting.
Tomorrow, Mike and I will see everyone for small group tutorials to discuss your chosen community and program of activities you have decided on for your High:Street, which might (if we are lucky) be in the form of a first draft “Spatial Brief”, and also your site research and investigations.  And as usual we will see each group for around an hour, starting at 10am in the unit space; please see the attached tutorial list.
In order to finish the day in good time, there will not be a lunchtime talk tomorrow, and this should mean we will finish in good time to prepare the space to entertain visitors to our Portugal Presentation and discussion of the field trip, hopefully starting at 7pm.
The key thing at this stage of any project is to be hungry for information about the place, about the people, and about the activities you are considering, and to think laterally about connections to all of these things (art, buildings, books, myths, legends, history, politics, poetry….), while making sure to collect visual images, maps, drawings, sketches, photos, diagrams etc. that communicate what you have found out.
So this work should generate lots of stuff, even if you don’t really know what to do with it all at this stage; but the hope is you find things that excite you, surprise you, or just make you curious; and this is what you need to bring to the tutorial.
But hopefully you have worked out where you think it is all going, so maybe you will already have visited an equivalent organisation, and started to define the spatial brief, and have a site model to show us.  But if not, at least you will have this mountain of stuff to help the conversation, and so we can help you decide what to do next!  As ever the more stuck you are, the more important it is to come for a tutorial…
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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