Unit G: High:Street Tutorials, Monday 11th Feb, 10am Unit Space

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Unit G Tutorial 20_HighStreet_110219

Dear Unit G,

I hope you are all well, and making good progress on your High:Street projects.
Firstly I would like to congratulate you all on pulling together an excellent evening exhibition on Thursday with our “Journey to Marvila”: really good work on the film, poster, images, Location:Section drawings, and getting everything together; I’m sure this bodes well for later in the semester, and when we start thinking about the end of year show.
In addition to tutorials tomorrow, the RIBA External examiners will be in the school to discuss unit briefs and agenda’s, so our day will be slightly interrupted by me needing to present the unit brief to the examiners between 12-2pm.
Tutorials will start at 10am in the unit space as usual, again seeing everyone in small groups of 3-4 people, for around an hour per group; please see the attached tutorial list.  But inevitably the interruption of the examiners meeting we will mean running a little late tomorrow…so please accept my apologies in advance.
Given the generally good progress Mike and I saw on Thursday last week, it would also seem timely to have a unit discussion about Site Strategy, exploring the many different ways in which you can approach site and respond to site conditions.  So the plan is to discuss Site Strategy from 2pm straight after the examiners meeting.
As always, please remember to bring everything with you to the tutorials tomorrow, and in addition to your continuing research into community, site and program, I am hoping to see documentation of equivalent organisation visits, first draft Spatial Briefs, maybe a first rough proposal in sketches and/or models? maybe some site experiments using your site models and location:Section drawings?, and definitely a growing collection of relevant precedents (art, architectural and otherwise) informing your thinking.
And lastly can I make a plea that everyone comes in to the studio first thing, to work all day in the studio, to rebuild the sense of collective activity and ownership of the unit space, and so that everyone is available for their tutorial, without delay.
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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