Unit G: Portfolio and Final Technology Tutorials, Monday 29th April, 10am, Unit Space

G_Hannah_Middleton (1)

Archery Centre, Delphi, Hannah Middleton, Unit G 2016-17

Unit G Tutorial 34_Portfolio_290419

Dear Unit G,

I hope you all have had a good Easter while making good progress on your portfolios and High:Street projects.
Tomorrow Justin will be seeing Yr3 for the final Technology Tutorials before the final submission, and we will be joined by the wonderful Hannah Middleton (ex.Unit G) who will be helping review your portfolios and give advice on final drawings and models.
At lunchtime, Hannah and I will be discussing her (very successful) portfolio, and the shift from study into practice.  And there will also be a chance to clarify any questions about portfolios, submissions, and photographing your final models on Saturday with Richard Stonehouse.
Please see the attached tutorial list, also posted on the unit G blog.
Suffice to say, with just 1 more tutorial after tomorrow, and just a short time to the submission, we need you to bring in EVERYTHING tomorrow: your portfolio (an A3 B&W mark-up copy is helpful for making notes), your final/latest drawings, your final/latest model, your final/latest technology work…
We will of course do everything we can to keep to time, while giving everyone the input that they need, so please accept our apologies in advance if we run a bit late.
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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