Unit G: The Last Tutorial!, Thursday 2nd May 10am Unit Space


Unit G Tutorial 35_Portfolio_020519

Dear Unit,

I hope you are all well and making good progress as we head towards the last tutorial of the year tomorrow, and the final submissions next week.
Since 2nd years have their submission first next week, Mike and I will be seeing Yr2 in the morning tomorrow, followed by Yr3 in the afternoon.  Please see the attached tutorial list.  We will be starting as usual at 10am in the unit space for a full length, in-depth portfolio tutorial: we need to turn every page (that exists!) of every project, arranged in the right order, and presented as you plan to submit it; so if you are planning a digital submission we need to see these on the big screen.
We also need to see all the models you plan to submit, your final drawings, your 1:20 technology drawings and structural models, AND the (impossible) list of all the things you plan to do between tomorrow and the submission: preferably with a sketch of each thing.  We would also like to see your ideas for the model photos you are planning Richard Stonehouse to take on Saturday.
And at lunchtime we will be answering questions about the submission and briefly talking about plans for the exhibition and our first meeting after the submission on Friday 10th May.
It will be another busy day!
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

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