(iterative) Performance (b) 2015-16

(iterative) Performance

Be it theatre, dance, rap or poetry, performance transports us from one immediate and local reality to another: our senses and imagination the trigger and tether to both.  To physically travel or to engage in something new is a similar experience: our bodies, thoughts and sensations are the link; a point of reference and calibration.  In turn natural phenomena, landscape and weather: mountains, glaciers, oceans, deserts, volcanoes, geysers, storms, avalanches, thunder and lightning, are both an endless source of sublime artistic (and scientific) inspiration, and are “performative” in their own right, with people travelling the globe and re-defining the “Seven Wonders” since the earliest times.

Over the year the projects will develop your architectural responses to the choreography of place and the inter-connection between people on the stage, in the wings, behind the scenes, front of house, and in the audience. We will experience the repetition of rehearsal, the craft behind the set, and the fantasy of performance.

The route is as important as the destination, cherishing the process enriches the product, and so we will start with a journey…