Unit G: High:Street Design and Structures Tutorials, Thursday 11th April, 10am Unit Space


Falconry Structural Model, Jacob Valvis, Unit G 2013-14

Unit G Tutorial 33_HighStreet_110419

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and making good progress on your High:Street projects.

As yesterdays email suggested, there quite a lot to do tomorrow (!!!), as our structural engineer Matthew Bolton will be joining yr3 for individual Structures Tutorials, while Mike and I will be seeing half the unit each for the last design tutorials before Easter, starting at 10am in the unit space: please see the attached tutorial list.

And at lunchtime we will be discussing Portfolios, Submissions, Model photographs etc.

Hopefully you will all have had a chance to prepare the (many) things we need to discuss tomorrow including:

  • High:Street project design development
  • High:Street project final drawings: project narrative, list of drawings for design and tech
  • High:Street project final drawing experiments and tests
  • Portfolio
  • Outline timetable

So we can have a detail discussion about how best to develop your High:Street projects and where to focus your time over Easter.

And of course Matthew will be hoping to see structural models, your latest plans and sections, and any detail technology drawings where they show structure (could be your Negotiated Section).

So another busy day! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G


Unit G: High:Street Tutorials, Monday 8th April, 10am, Unit Space


Brixton Migration Market Barbers, Ryan Moss, Unit G 2017-18

Unit G Tutorial 32_HighStreet_080419

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and making good progress following last weeks excellent Cross-Crits.  Well done everyone on making the crits a real success, with 100% turn-out (a first), some very positive feedback from your critics, and some excellent work on show: and progress in the last couple of weeks has been really impressive so please keep it up!

Tomorrow we will have the Justin with us for the last time before Easter and he is aiming to see everyone for short 15min individual technology tutorials, starting at 10am in the Unit Space with Yr2 in the morning and Yr3 in the afternoon. While I will also be seeing everyone for speedy individual design tutorials, again seeing Yr2 in the morning and Yr3 in the afternoon; please see the attached tutorial list also posted on the unit G blog.

And at lunchtime Justin and I will be talking about the integration of technology in design portfolios, the things the tech tutors will be looking for when marking, and how the work is assessed, drawing on some good portfolios from the last couple of years.

Yr3 should remember that Matthew Bolton will be with us again for the whole day on Thursday, so you should all be preparing for a detailed 30min individual tutorial looking at your structural models and structural proposals. And of course since tomorrow will be the last conversation with Justin before Easter you all need to be clear what you should be working on over Easter for Technology.

For Design I am keen to see how your projects have responded to the discussions and feedback at last week’s Cross-crits, hopefully incorporated in a new iteration of your High:Street project in drawings and models.

And of course since there will no doubt be a lot to talk about tomorrow, it is highly likely that the tutorials run quite late…so let me apologise in advance.

And lastly thank you everyone for completing the research questionnaire I sent out on Friday: your responses are much appreciated, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to tackle it – it’s not yet too late, so please do follow the link I sent and answer the 10 short questions!

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G: Yr2 and Yr3 Cross-Crits, 1st and 4th April, 10am Unit Space

Unit G_01

Inter:Change – Circulation Migration Agency, Brixton, Cassandra Adjei, Unit G 2017-18

Unit G Yr2 Cross-Crit_2_010419

Unit G Yr3 Cross-Crit_2_040419

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well, and making good progress towards next weeks cross-crits with our visiting critics Nick Green leader of Unit L on Monday, and Erika Suzuki from Unit B and Carlos Quevedo Rojas on Thursday, starting promptly at 10am in the unit space each day; please see the attached crit list.

As discussed last week the crits are a pin-up (not round table) for the High:Street project only (not portfolio), although it would be good if the Location:Section was also on the wall; of course you are welcome to use the screen.

You are not restricted to 10no. A1 sheets, but should be aiming to present a complete iteration of the project with: site plan, sections, plans, models, and 3d exploration internally and externally in context, backed up by a clear definition of your project brief, spatial requirements, site exploration and analysis, so that you can clearly explain your proposals and why they are as they are, who they are for, how they work, are used and occupied, and how they relate to the site and Marvila. Your process and development work should also be there, especially your models, even if you don’t refer to them.

You should aim to present your project in under 10mins, so there is plenty of time for an in-depth discussion on how to develop and improve your design proposals, and how to draw/model/communicate your ideas.

Remember to present your latest proposals first so the conversation revolves around this instead of your brief, and remember to clearly define your site and to present all of its critical qualities that have informed your proposals (remember your critics will be unfamiliar with your site and probably have never been to Lisbon or Portugal….). Remember to clearly define your chosen community, and how your proposal responds to who they are, their needs and experiences.

For the work to look at it’s best the space needs to be clear and clean – so please make sure you all contribute to getting the unit space ready today/tomorrow – Monday morning will be too late.

The first 3 people each day need to be pinned up and ready to go BEFORE 10am. All yr2 students need to be in the crit all day on Monday, and all yr3 students need to be in the crit all day on Thursday: to support each other, take notes, contribute to the discussion, and help us stay on time; no one should be left presenting on their own to the crit panel…

You will all receive written (typed) feedback, in addition to the verbal feedback in the crit, using the formal Assessment and Feedback sheets used to mark your work at the end of the year.

You should all feel confident in your projects (every one of them is great!), and present your ideas with enthusiasm and confidence (it’s infectious), and remember you are playing the “long game” : next week’s crits are just another stepping stone towards the final submission – so you MUST sleep every night (no all nighters), and look after yourself, so you can present your ideas clearly and properly engage in the discussion of your work next week, AND so that you can keep working at full speed after your crit and for the next 6 weeks.

And lastly don’t forget that Carlos Queveda Rojas, in addition to joining our yr3 cross-crits will be giving a talk in the White Space on the 3rd floor on Monday at 6:30pm, discussing his extraordinary Matrera Castle project in southern Spain – don’t miss it!

We look forward to seeing all your work next week, Good Luck!

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G: High:Street tutorials, Thursday 28th March, 10am Unit Space



Rolling Huts, Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

Unit G Tutorial 32_HighStreet_280319

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and making good progress on your High:Street projects; sorry for this being such a late post.

As tomorrow will be our last tutorial before next weeks cross-crits Mike will be concentrating on seeing Yr2 students for a half hour individual design tutorial each, while I will be spend the day with Yr3, starting at 10am in the Unit Space.  Please see the attached tutorial list.

And to help your preparations for next week we will also have a brief look at the development of a couple of portfolios, to see how they were presented at the cross-crit to their final form for the submission in May.  As well as there will be a chance to answer any other questions and allay your fears!

And just because tomorrow’s tutorials are billed as “design” tutorials, please don’t forget to bring in all your technology work (Negotiated Section, Structural Model etc.) as well as all your design work (Models, Drawings, Images, etc.), so that we can have a really full discussion of your work, and best advise how to prepare for next week, and where to focus your attention.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G: High:Street Design and Structures Tutorials, Monday 25th March 10am Unit Space


Bishop King Edward Chapel, Niall McLoughlin, Ripon College, Oxford

Unit G Tutorial 31_HighStreet_250319

Dear Unit G,

I hope you are all well and have managed to enjoy at least a little of today’s sunshine as well as getting on with your High:Street projects.
Tomorrow afternoon we welcome our resident structural engineer, Matthew Bolton, for the first of two days, so that he and Justin can see all the yr3 students for a 1hr small group technology tutorials in the afternoon, to discuss the structural ideas behind your High:Street proposals.
And to help the afternoon structures tutorials, Yr3 students will also have a structural modelling workshop with Justin in the morning – please see Justin’s email on Friday.
For everyone, at lunchtime, Justin and Matthew will be discussing the structure of Niall Mcloughlin’s Bishop King Edward Chapel for Ripon College, Oxford.
And in amongst all this I will be seeing Yr2 in the morning, and yr3 in the afternoon in small groups for design tutorials for around an hour with each group.
Please see the attached tutorial list.
In addition to the structures focus of the day, of course the cross-crits are just over the horizon, and so it is critical that everyone pushes forward to get to the next complete iteration of their High:Street projects asap, so that these can then be refined, modelled, drawn and explored for presentation at the Cross-Crits, where you should be aiming to have:
  • Location:Section drawing (in-progress but nearly complete?)
  • Community and brief research and development
  • Site investigations and analysis
  • Site Plan (with the proposal – could be a model photo, or a ground plan, or a roof plan)
  • Plans (at least 2 levels including ground and the immediate context)
  • Sections (at least 2 including immediate context -Ideally one is on the Location:Section)
  • Model(s) preferably on site
  • 3d exploration of the proposal on site (Axo, perspective, model photo-montage…)
  • 3d exploration of the key spaces in the proposal (Axo, perspective, model photo…)
  • Negotiated section drawing
  • Structural model
Of course not much of this work will be complete yet, but you should be planning your time and how you are going to address these things so we can discuss it all tomorrow….so it sound’s like a busy day!
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Kind Regards
Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G: High:Street Tutorials, Thursday 21st March, 10am Unit Space


Joffrey Ballet perform Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring” 2016

Unit G Tutorial 30_HighStreet_210319

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and tomorrows official arrival of spring and the equinox lifts your spirits and renews your energy!

We are now in the thick of the critical phase of the semester, where the distractions have dissipated, and you need to focus on developing your design projects, as we start the build-up towards the Cross-Crits in a couple of weeks time. So tomorrows tutorials with Mike and I will simply be 30mins individual design tutorials, seeing yr2 in the morning and yr3 in the afternoon, and without the interruption of a lunchtime discussion; please see the attached tutorial list also posted on the unit G blog.

Justin and I were generally impressed by the work we saw together on Monday – there really are some very exciting projects in the unit this year, and it will be good to be able to have a longer more concentrated discussion tomorrow; but please do remember to bring EVERYTHING in tomorrow not just your latest iteration, so we can discuss all the drawings, models and supporting images and information you will be developing to present at the cross-crits in a few weeks time.

And lastly please accept my apologies, but I will need to keep strictly to time tomorrow, as I need to get to my sons GCSE parents’ evening which means leaving Brookes at 5:15pm at the very latest: so please make sure you are in time for your tutorial slot, as I will not be able to wait!

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G

Unit G: High:Street Negotiated Section Tutorial-on-the-wall, Mon 18th March 10am Unit Space


Ice-Station, Negotiated Section, Isobel Taylor, Unit G 2014

Unit G Tutorial 29_HighStreet_180319

Dear Unit G,
I hope you are all well and enjoying the freedom from other module submissions to make good progress on your High:Street projects!

Tomorrow Justin and I will be jointly discussing your Negotiated Sections and development of your High:Street projects in small groups of 3 or 4, for combined Design/Technology Tutorials-on-the-wall for around an hour per group, starting at 10am in the Unit Space; seeing yr2 in the morning and yr3 in the afternoon; please see the attached tutorial list.

The yr2 morning discussions will allow a review of your technology ideas, and Justin will be offering formative feedback from the sessions.

To get the most from these joint design/technology tutorials you need to bring ALL your work so far (drawings and models) for both Design and Technology, and pin-up your Negotiated Section and your latest drawings for the High:Street – in whatever state they are in! Models and everything else should be on the tutorial table to aid the discussion.

The sessions will be a normal tutorial-type discussion (not a crit), so you don’t need to panic about “presenting” the work, or showing portfolio sheets – which will just slow us down. And even if you think you have not done enough, or haven’t finished things, come in and show what you have done so you can get some feedback and can keep moving forwards.

Hopefully by discussing Technology and Design at the same time there will be greater cross-fertilisation of ideas, and should reinforce the sense that the two fields are simply two intertwined sides of the same thing.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Toby (Mike and Justin)
Unit G