Project 2. Corner:Shop

63284948“…in the wake of the corporeal understanding of material space that merely accompanied the development of human relationships: we all know from our personal experience, a personal rapport develops when, having ‘hung around’ together for a period – sometimes mere moments – certain things can go unremarked upon yet remain understood. Such things need not even register in ‘discursive consciousness’, or require communicating, because they are communicated as part of the sensuous relationship between two individuals”. Rhys Taylor, 2011


In the Home:Comfort project you started to consider the migration, transformation and assimilation of ideas, things and people through the journey of a single “Artefact” to Wilcox Road. The Corner:Shop is an Architectural intervention in Wilcox Road to expand and consolidate your Home:Comfort ideas, by proposing an intimate local venue for social and cultural community activities,
services, meeting and discussion: Hairdressers, Pub, Club, Gym, or whatever, that will host, precipitate, and participate in the continuing transformation and evolution of Vauxhall.


Your Corner:Shop proposals will be of an equivalent size/scale as an intensely occupied local store, seen through the lens of your Home:Comfort ideas. It will:

  • Host a specific local social/cultural service, dialogue or exchange developed from your Home:Comfort proposal
  • Be sited within Wilcox Road, Vauxhall on one of the identified sites that is most appropriate to your local service
  • Be tailored to the specificity of the site, participants, season, territory, and nature of the local service
  • Provide all the essential facilities to be functional, comfortable and delightful; some sense of enclosure and environmental control will be essential
  • Draw on local resources, infrastructures and facilities to become integrated and embedded within Vauxhall
  • Intervene in the site, city and community in any way you consider appropriate to form a critical spatial response to place, people, purpose and permanence

The Corner:Shop may be singular, multiple, condensed or distributed; static, transitory, or transformational in response to the routines and rhythms of the city and nature of the local service; but it must harness and celebrate the local conditions, to delight, entertain, inspire, bring the city to life, and in some way be a catalyst for change…


1. Define

  • Visit, choose and define the proposed site for your Corner:Shop in Wilcox Road, considering all the potential participants, communities, seasons and constraints
  • Consolidate your Home:Comfort proposals to define the local service, dialogue or exchange; the scale, and the participants

2. Explore

  • Visit, survey and carefully document equivalent “Shops” (shops/markets/workshops/galleries) to establish the program, timelines, and spatial brief, considering: people, tools, equipment, quantities,
    sizes, spaces, scale, essential conditions, resources, materials and traditions
  • Meet, document and research all the proposed local communities and participants: their skills and needs, where they are from, or going to, and their history
  • Survey, research, draw, model, record and thoroughly interrogate the site to define the seasonal and permanent resources: orientation, light, landscape, soundscape, materials, facilities, and how these are woven into your proposals
  • Test, experiment, explore, refine and tune your local service considering your conceptual, spatial, programmatic and cultural agenda to develop the next iteration

3. Technology

The Corner:Shop is a test bed to develop your approach, understanding and integration of technology, and a vehicle for the sem 1 Advanced Technology work for yr3 students

  • Explore and experiment with appropriate materials, construction, structures and environmental systems, drawing on architectural and other precedents to develop your own ideas
  • Yr3: your construction, structures and environmental explorations will be brought together in a structural model and an exquisite 3d 1:20 detail drawing

4. Communicate

Use any media, material or technique that is appropriate to best explore, test and communicate your proposals, ideas and the Architectural experience

  • Document the project in approx. 15 x Full Screen Digital composite sheets/screens + 20 x process and testing sheets/screens (or equivalent)
  • Integrate drawn, constructed, modelled, rendered, precedent and photographic elements on each sheet/screen



Intro:   Thurs 11th Oct, wk3

Interim:   Thurs 25th Oct, wk5

Review:   Mon 12th Nov, wk8

Cross-Crits:   yr2: Mon 10th Dec, wk12             yr3: Thur13th Dec, wk12


Brief:      Unit G_HfH_Project2_CornerShop