Project 2: Migration Market


“It was a strange collection … but so much larger and so much more varied, that I think I never had more pleasure than in sorting them. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Georges, and Louises, …strange Oriental pieces stamped with what looked like wisps of string or bits of spider’s web, round pieces and square pieces, and pieces bored through the middle, as if to wear them round your neck … like autumn leaves, so that my back ached with stooping and my fingers with sorting them out” “Treasure Island” Robert Louis Stevenson

Through the Origin project you have started to consider the migration, transformation and assimilation of ideas, things and people through the journey of a single “Cultural Artefact”. The “Migration Market” is an Architectural intervention within the markets of Brixton to expand and consolidate your “Cultural Artefact” explorations, by proposing a venue for a cultural exchange drawn from your Origin proposals, that will in turn host, precipitate, and participate in the continuing transforming Brixton.


Your Migration market proposals will be equivalent to a prototypical market stall, barrow, or arcade kiosk, seen through the lens of your cultural exchange; it will:

  • Host a specific cultural exchange developed from your Origin project
  • Be sited within the markets and arcades of Brixton on a pitch of your choosing, and appropriate to your cultural exchange
  • Be tailored to the specificity of the site, participants, season, territory, and nature of the cultural exchange
  • Provide the essential facilities to be functional, comfortable and delightful; some idea of enclosure and environmental control will be essential
  • Draw on local resources, infrastructures and facilities to become integrated and embedded within Brixton
  • Intervene in the site, city and community in any way you consider appropriate to form a critical spatial response to place, people, purpose and permanence

The “Migration Market” may be singular, multiple, condensed or distributed; static, transitory, or transformational in response to the routines and rhythms of the city and nature of the exchange; but it must harness and celebrate the local conditions, to delight, entertain, inspire, bring the city to life, and in some way be a catalyst for change…


1. Define:

  • Visit, survey and define the proposed site for your “Migration Market” in Brixton, considering the potential “players”, and seasons
  • Consolidate your “Origin” proposals to define the exchange, the scale, and the participants


2. Explore

  • Visit and document equivalent “Markets” to establish the program, timelines, and spatial brief, considering: people, tools, equipment, quantities, sizes, spaces, scale, essential conditions, resources, materials and traditions
  • Meet, document and research all the proposed participants skills and needs, where they are from, or going to, and their history
  • Survey, research, draw, model, record and thoroughly interrogate the site to define the seasonal and permanent resources: orientation, light, landscape, soundscape, materials, facilities, and how these are all woven into your proposals
  • Test, experiment, explore, refine and tune your cultural exchange considering your
  • conceptual, spatial, programmatic and cultural agenda to develop the next iteration

3. Technology

  • The “Migration Market” and the following “Treasure” project (making a 1:1 component of the Migration Market) will be the vehicles for the 1st semester technology work
  • Explore appropriate materials, construction, structures and environmental systems, drawing on architectural and other precedents to develop your own ideas
  • Yr2: the “Treasure” project is the “Tectonic project” aligned to the requirements of U30020; the final Treasure prototype forming the assessed submission
  • Yr3: both projects form the test bed for Advanced Technology work: your construction, structures and environmental explorations brought together in a 3d 1:20 drawing


4. Communicate

  • Use any media, material or technique that is appropriate to best explore, test and communicate your proposals, ideas and the Architectural experience
  • Document the project in approx. 15no. A2 (or equiv) Hybrid Sheets + 15no. A2 (or equiv) Process and Testing sheets
  • Integrate drawn, constructed, modelled, rendered, precedent and photographic elements on each sheet



Intro:              Mon 2nd Oct, wk2

Interim:         Thurs 26th Oct, wk5

Review:          Mon 13th Nov, wk8

Cross-Crits:     yr2: Mon 11th Dec, wk12             yr3: Thur14th Dec, wk12


Brief (pdf):     Unit_G_Treasure_2-MigrationMarket

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