Through five projects you will discover the hidden cultural treasures which can define the spatial and conceptual relationships between place, people, purpose and permanence, while celebrating the diversity of origin, identity, export, exchange, migration and transformation between remote “colony” and London outpost.

The projects will engage with local communities, test architectural, cultural and social possibilities, and explore radical interventions, exploiting the space between permanent and transitory; old and new; traditional and revolutionary; here and there; yours, ours, mine and there’s: you will need to take a position.

  1. Origin: Spatial record of origin, identity and transformation
  2. Migration Market: Transformational intervention in Brixton to host/precipitate/participate in a cultural exchange
  3. Treasure: 1:1 component of the Migration Market transformed by the Field Trip context and resources, and it’s fabrication in Oxford
  4. Electric Section: Closely observed and intensively drawn site section and plan of the main project site in Brixton
  5. Inter-Change: Integrated cultural hub for the transfer of skills, knowledge, information, entertainment, arts, sport or commerce, and thought experiment in response to the question of “What’s Next?” for Brixton

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