Unit G will seek answers through 4 projects; testing and exploring spatial and conceptual relationships between place, people, purpose and permanence; employing “transformative architecture” as a catalyst for positive change, celebrating diversity, identity, export, exchange, and migration between home and outpost.

The projects will engage with community, explore architectural, cultural and social possibilities, and propose radical interventions between permanent/transitory, old/new, traditional/revolutionary, here/there; yours/ours, mine/theirs: you will need to take a position.


highline-pavementProject 1.  Home:Comfort

A crafted 1:1 public realm intervention in Vauxhall: a spatial record of origin, identity, transformation, and a dislocated artefact of “home”



Project 2.  Corner:Shop

A transformative proposal for Wilcox Road in Vauxhall to form an intimate local centre for social and cultural exchange, meeting, discussion and debate




Project 3. Location:Section32742340561_1fd3cea563_b

A closely observed and intensively drawn site section and plan of the four main project sites in  Marvila, Lisbon







Project 4. High:Street

An integrated cultural hub for transfer of knowledge, skill information, entertainment, arts, sport or commerce to help build a new social and cultural heart for the community in Marvila, Lisbon. The project will be run in parallel with the international student competition for the Lisbon Triennale “The Poetics of Reason” 2019