This year Unit G will seek the nomads, intersections, stories, and story-tellers, as catalysts for proposition through 5 projects: testing and exploring spatial and conceptual relationships between place, people, purpose and permanence; employing “transformative architecture” for positive change, celebrating diversity, identity, export, exchange, and migration. Our projects will engage with community, explore architectural, cultural and social possibilities, and generate radical interventions.

Project 1: Sou:Venir

Personal artefact as a memory of somewhere (else)

Project 2: Narrative:Section

Hybrid story and drawing comprising a closely observed and intensively drawn site-section through Oxford and Trondheim in Norway

Project 3: Way:Station

Roaming performer’s Kiosk/Stage/Venue/Shed and travelling show, moving from Oxford to Trondheim

Project 4: Shared:Stories

A tale of one night, in one place, told through a communal meal in Norway

Project 5: Northern:Nights

Inn, pub-theatre, or hall, providing a venue for small-scale performance, food, and modest over-night accommodation, located at the intersection of migratory routes and journeys, to host seasonal travelling shows, performers, troubadours and story tellers