Instrument: A 1:1 device to explore, catalogue, map and calibrate the “Terroir” of two transitional landscapes: Catania and Oxford

Terratorium: Tackled in student pairs, the Terratorium is an intense and intimate integration of bespoke productive space and productive landscape in response to the agricultural and architectural “terroir” of Oxford.

Migration: Sicily from afar; a Migration of culture, climate, and scale from Oxford to Catania to develop first propositions for the Sicily

Di-Section: A detailed measured section drawn from “Instrument” readings and observation in Catania, to uncover two critical site conditions and define the site for the “Re-Finery” project

Re-Finery: An autonomous complex for regenerative cultivation and production in Catania, Sicily: Bakery, Winery, Distillery, Tannery or whatever makes sense in response to the seismic, volcanic and tectonic transitional landscape and resources.

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