Project 3: Migration


Project 3: Migration:

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean only separated by 3km from the Italian mainland at Messina, and by the 155km wide Straits of Sicily, to Tunisia.  Now and throughout history Sicily is a critical stepping stone between Africa and Europe; between people, birds, trade, culture, climates, continents and ideas; a step of fantasy, of received memory, a place seen from afar, and a step into an inverted familiarity.

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The Migration project will begin your exploration of Sicily from afar through the specific lens of your Terratorium project in preparation for the Field trip in January and starting the Refinery project sited in Catania.


At the core of the Migration project is the translation of equivalent ideas, traditions and cultures from Oxford to Sicily:


Translate the Crop

Translate the Produce

Translate the Scale

Translate the community

Translate the landscape


Springing from this thinking, distant site exploration and research will spring a new crop, a new produce, a new connection to the community, a new scale of proposal, a new response to landscape, climate and place: a new brief and a new project addressing the “Terroir” of Catania, Sicily.



The mechanism is simple:

1.  Collage your Terratorium (model, image, drawing) directly into a site in Catania (wherever feels intuitively appropriate at this stage) and present the collage

2.  One at a time (starting wherever feels intuitively appropriate) look at each aspect of the Terratorium:  Crop, Produce, Community, Scale, Materials, Landscape, response, climatic response, traditions, cultural associations, and then consider, draw and model how this aspect might be translated to respond appropriately to the Sicilian context, based on your research of Catania and Sicily.  This will generate a series of isolated (or linked) Terroir specific ideas, translations or “Migrations”,  each documented separately

3.  Collage the “Migrations” together into a new composite or Hybrid Terratorim on the chosen Catania site.

The three stages of the Migration should be compiled and composed each within one A1 “Hybrid Sheet”.


It is not expected that the process will generate a complete 3-dimensional proposition, or even one that is physically possible (although of course it might).  But it should generate a specific response to the place and people, and a spatial approach, captured graphically or in model, using a minimum of text, and adopting whatever media, materials, graphic projection or communication technique that feels appropriate.

Pin-Up:       Wk 10     Thursday 27th November

Review:     Wk 12     Cross Crits: 2nd yr – Monday 8th Dec, 3rd yr – Thursday 11th December

Introduction Presentation: Migration Into


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